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Features on FX Messenger
--History manager
--Unlimited buddies
--Unlimited profile
--Add pictures in profile
--2 free day trial window
--Rename names from instant messengers and put Mikey and Karl
--Remove content panels
--Customize buttons
--No stock ticker
--Rename buddies to like KARL or Mikey or something
--Check for new version every sign on option
--Private talk feature--you can show to everyone except select people
that your not online
--Talk while away
--Leave messages to people who are offline
--Language Translation in IMs
--Unlimited messages
--Customizable hot key to pop-up/hide your Buddy List.
--Flawless & smooth upgrading to new versions
(simply install the new version)- you won't lose any settings.
--Windows XP-style 32-bit icons
--Password to Edit Profile
--Make info travel with you on every computer
--Make copyrighted
--Minimizing IM windows into the buddy list
--Alert When Users Read My info
--Buddy stats... like what time of the day you spend
the most time on FX, who you talk to the most...
what phrase do you say the most....(optional)
--No warnings
--When Idle, Automatically Become Away with default away Messages.
--Emotion maker/creator
--Password protect Away message(optinal)
--Automatically expand abbreviations (brb to be right back)(customizable)
--Stop file transfers without closing direct connection
--View who has blocked you
--Longer Profiles (no 1024 character limit like in AIM)
--Custom Smileys
--IM Forwarding
--Buddy icon rotator
--Unlimited number of away messages
--Notification when someone adds you to buddy list(optional)
--Multiple User "Profiles" for Same Screenname
--Talking while sending a file
--No ads in chat widows
--Password protected buddy list
--"Record" Conversation Button
--Ignore *Onlinehost* option
--Stop Spam IMs or Bots
--Encrypted direct connect
--Swearing filters(optinal)
--Webcam request
--Font Fader
--Rainbow text
--Direct Connect Through Firewall option
--Auto-tab on login screen
--Direct Connect in a CHAT session
--Alphabetizing Buddies
--Parental controls w/password
--Auto reserve for e-mail once we get it(so when you register with
our FX messenger you have a reserved e-mail to match you s/n)